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Who I Am
Hi beautiful! My name is Tekela Miles, CEO and founder of Cotton Top Crowns, LLC. In March of 2015 I big chopped after transitioning for a year. From the beginning I knew I didn’t want to be a product junkie. I wanted a product with natural and organic ingredients to nourish my hair. I wanted to know exactly which ingredients were going on my hair. I searched in the stores for natural hair product lines that could deliver on being natural and organic. Then after vigorous research, I decided I wanted to make my own products using natural ingredients. I love the excitement of developing a recipe of ingredients and the pride I feel from making a product tailor made for me with all the things my hair loves. Not every product creation was a success. There was a lot of trial and error but I enjoy researching new ingredients and their benefits for my hair. Learning and understanding my hair helped me to develop a better hair routine along the way. I want to help encourage other naturals (and those transitioning) to incorporate natural ingredients into thier hair care routine. I’m very passionate about natural hair education and sharing useful information to others.

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