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1. The act of unifying individuals of all races, nationalities, and ethnicities via fashion.
1. A place that does not discriminate and has apparel of great variety.
United States

Vision: To unify individuals and empower every person that has been involved in the foster care system by, enriching self-confidence through the means of fashion.

Upon participating in our class project, at Florida State University, we discovered that there are more than 14,000 children in the Florida Foster Care system. Through extensive research with foster care facilities in Tallahassee such as, Boys Town of North Florida and Children Homes Society, we discovered that each child is allotted roughly $200.00 a year to spend on clothing alone. Considering that the average price of tennis shoes is $72.00 and jeans roughly $28.00, this leaves each child with about $100 to spend on clothes over the course of 12 months. That is a little less than $9.00 a month, meaning if a child chose to spend that money on a shirt, he or she would have to wear that same shirt for 30 days. Keep in mind that this only includes shirts. Basic items such as underwear, socks, and other clothing necessities are excluded.
We not only decided to use this information, apply it to our lives, and make a difference. We also wanted to raise awareness, in order for others to be knowledgeable of the issue. A lot of people speak of making a difference, often times to kids in underdeveloped countries, but what about the kids in your backyard? As a clothing brand, we decided to incorporate a social aspect to our business infrastructure more formally known as the “One for One Plan.” The difference is, we want to make in impact in our community first, and as we continue to grow, hopefully to eliminate clothing issues for all foster kids in America!

Terrance Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director

Brandon Jones
Chief Opperating Officer, Director of Finances

Samuel Gelabert
Public Relations Executive, Human Resources Director

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