Girl Power Gatherings


Girl Power gatherings are for girls 10-18 yrs old. It gives them an opportunity to socialize and do crafts. This group was created due to personal experience.  While my daughter was growing up social outings were limited due to characteristics of Autism and anxiety.  During that time, many people did not understand Autism and the characteristics that accompanied it.  This group was designed for girls with Autism, anxiety, communication disorders, and typically developing to have a “safe space” to socialize and “be themselves”. My goal is to let the girls see how beautiful they are inside and out.

This group will begin with girls and later will incorporate boys in a separate group.

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  1. Good morning. I would like to register my daughter, Niyah Blakley (17 yrs old) for this class on 9/23/18. She struggles with communication and developmental delays. She is friends with Helon.

    1. Hello Etasha,
      Thank you for responding. We would love to have her. There are currently 5 participants currently coming to the gathering. Are you able to sign up on the website? If not, I will put her on the rsvp list. The website is a new system I put into place and want to make sure it’s working. We look forward to seeing you and your daughter.

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